When things go wrong !

It has been a long time since I have made a post, well, a lot has changed in this duration in my life. My love for writing however never changed , so here I am with some new insights .

The past few days have been a whirlwind ,with my life changing drastically and I have been through a tide of ups and downs. When things go down , it is very difficult for me to do anything else. Just doing the basic day to day stuff takes a lot of energy.

However to deal with all of this I have begun to spend more time in prayer asking The Lord what HE wills for me in my life.

And yesterday was one such instance , wherein something was really bothering me .

So I sat in front of the altar kept looking at Jesus and telling him how he could make things right for me , the various ways he could help me, the different situations he could put me in and Bham !!!!! All of a sudden it struck me , what am I doing ? Why am I asking my lord to do things the way I want, when I keep praying for HIS will to be done in my life.

I felt really so small and stupid, I asked pardon and told my lord, “Master if this is what you will for me, I accept it, even though it’s hurting me. I know you have a reason, so I thank you master for what you have done ”

No sooner did I finish praying those few lines I felt such immense peace.

Sometimes accepting painful situations and praying for the strength to deal with them gives more assurance then cribbing about the situation .

It helped me greatly and I hope my sharing helps someone out in need.

What are your experiences ? I would love to hear from you.