Forgiveness : What Does It Mean To You ?

Today as I was sitting between two old ladies listening to the long sermon given by the priest , my mind drifting off and on to various places, the priest caught my attention by asking the parishioners ,what “Forgiveness” meant to us. He described the word so beautifully , this is something I heard for the very first time in my life. He told us that the word forgiveness is incomplete without the word “Give”. To forgive is to “Give away a part of yourself to the person who hurt you ” and this is not easy.

Yes, forgiving is  not easy, tell me about it. I have been having struggling with it for the past 6 months.It takes every ounce of will power to be nice to the person who has hurt you. Forgiving involves sacrifice , one needs to sacrifice one’s ego, one’s pride and step down from that pedestal of  hurt, anger and grief and reach out to the person who is the cause of your misery.

It takes time to reach that mental state where one decides “Enough of this mental agony, let me try forgiving this person, maybe then I can find some peace”.

Months and months of piled anger and frustration eventually leads to this stage of forgiveness I guess. And trust me its worth it. I have experienced this part too, and it is such a relief from the negativity.

Eery stage in this part of forgiveness is important and necessary to shape up our personality

1) The phase of realizing that one has been ill-treated

2) The Anger at the other person or one self.

3) Times when one’s mind replays the “Scene where one was hurt ”

4) Efforts to block out that pain and agony

5) Anger, Pain and Hurt

6) Giving up

7) Seeking a way out of this mental agony

8) Finally seeking to Forgive.

It does not happen instantly, one needs to suffer through all these stages and then realize the beauty of “Forgiveness”

I would like to hear about your views about forgiveness , what does it mean to you, has it been easy , what is your journey ? maybe it can help some of us.

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