What I have learnt from my Son

The 14th of November is a day of celebration in India , across various schools in India there are programs conducted to make the children feel special and loved . The occasion being ” Children’s Day” with the very essence of childhood being celebrated . We have specific days dedicated to Mother’s, Father’s , Grandparents, Daughters, Sons but the beauty of children’s day is that not only is it a day of celebration for children but  also a great way to celebrate the child in each one of us.

There is so much we can learn from children. They teach us such valuable lessons. Everyday I learn so much from Eli my son it is just so amazing. Sometimes he does these things that just touch my very soul. Eli you are very small to read this post now but some day son when you are all grown up and are able to read this post,I want you to know how much I love you and how much I have learnt from you my little toddler.

1) Smile : According to research kids smile as often as 400 times a day and I can just bet that elie smiles 500 times a day. I just have to look at him 🙂 and he has a smile ready. I wish I could be less serious and smile as often as you my baby.I tend to be so caught up with chores and lists that I forget to smile.

2) Get Over Stuff : Elie my darling I am just so amazed at how fast you get over your tears , one minute your crying so bad and the next minute you are giving me that beautiful smile, how I wish I could get over my anger and temper and not ruin my whole day. Boy ! there is so much for me to learn.

3) Forgiving : Elie, sweetheart there are times when you are really mad at me but within minutes you come running back in to my arms completing forgiving me. I wish I was as forgiving as you. Mommy has a hard time forgiving people who hurt her but I promise you that I will work on this.

4) Curiosity : Darling Eli , you can be such daring brat at times, Daddy and I are so surprised everytime we see you doing something new. Your curiosity is so refreshing, and how you love to learn new things, touching, opening, feeling everything. I am so comfortable in my old ways that change scares me. I hope to be more open to change, to new stuff.

5) Dance: This is the best thing about you, you just have to hear the music and be it anywhere you dont hesitate to loosen up and dance. I love to see your little legs jump up and move to the music. You are not bothered about what others think, you are just having fun. I wish I could loosen up like you son and not hesitate to have fun.

Mommy and Daddy adore you Eli .

And to all the kids , I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Children’s Day , God Bless You all, you just bring so much joy to all of us.

We love You , Yes we Do !!!!!


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