5 Things Every Stay At Home Mom should do for herself !

Ever since my baby boy was born I decided to stay at home full time and take care of him. Well, apart from taking care of him these are my official duties for the day

1) Prepare and serve Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner

2) Vaccum the house

3) Do the Laundry

4) Throw the trash out

5) Do the dishes

6) Apart from preparing meals , also prepare snacks for the family

7) Bathe, feed and Clean the baby

8) Entertain the baby ( since its winter now and we cant go out much and are stuck at home, I am eli’s official clown ) etc etc etc

I realized I hardly had any time for myself. Everytime I sat to relax either eli would either poop or would be bored and would end up crying. I was constantly doing things around the house and would hardly ever find time for myself and the end result was though I was so needed and busy I was often left lonely. I hardly had any exciting things to share with my husband at the end of the day . With Winter around I could not even go out much with my toddler. And since we are in a totally different country with family and friends in India there was no body whom I could call and talk to also.

And so I was beginning to get really depressed . I had to find some way to breathe , some way to let go of my negative thoughts and over time through trial and error I have found out ways that helped me come out of my shell.

1) Prayer and Meditation : With my baby around and his erratic schedules I hardly found 5 minutes of peace time for myself. I couldn’t even get up early and pray because of the disturbed sleep I would have with my son. He would get up around 2-3 times crying out aloud till we would console him in the night. However through past experience I found out that prayer and meditation was a big stress buster for me . So, I decided that since early morning was the only time I had for myself, I would get up early around 6.30 -7.00 and spend some time in Prayer, surrounding my entire day , my family and my baby to my God. This did wonders for me. It somehow helped reduce the lethargy and made me more cheerful.

2) Dress up : Now that I am at home, I didnt feel the need to dress up and rush to my workplace. And since there is no one judging my appearance I would roam around the whole day in my pajamas and get the housework done. Besides who dresses up to get housework done. But then at some point I realized that every time I dressed up, combed my hair or put on a lipstick a very nice feeling would seep inside me. It gives me the feeling that yes I am getting ready to achieve something. And so though I am at home, the simple act of combing my hair, putting on simple jewellery, perfuming myself up and putting on some mascara would make me feel great and ready for the day ahead with my toddler and housework.

3) Don’t Be Guilty : Since I was at home and my husband was working, I would feel guilty every time I would ask him to do some of the housework. (My husband is a real gem he never refuses me ) but the guilt would kill me. Morever, it is Indian mentality that housework is for women and not for men. But then if one actually see’s as a Stay at Home mom, there is hardly any rest time, it’s bham like work one after the other. And there is hardly any rest . Atleast when one works , one gets to take a break from the chaos from home, breathe and jump back again in the non stop hustle. And so I stopped feeling guilty and when needed not hesitate  and ask for help , rather than doing everything by myself. This was a big reliever and bought me more close to my husband.Most of the time we Indian women hesitate to ask our husbands to do any work, it is considered “inappropriate” but times have changed now and so should we ladies.

4) A little Zumba, Walking and Swimming : Now that I stopped nursing my baby, I have started gyming and wow what a great feeling it is. At the end of day I feel really drained and want to back out from exercising but then a few moments of willpower and I am in the gym and after a 30 minute workout I feel so charged and good. Also a good work out is equal to weight loss which is another great feeling. Small things but they make so much difference.

5) Talking to a loved One : The moment I open my eyes in the morning, my brain starts planning the various tasks ahead me and I am in rush to get things done: Feed my son, prepare lunch, vacuum the house etc etc etc When I was working I hardly had time to talk to anyone but now that I am at home I realized why not take the advantage and even though its for a few minutes I take some time to talk to my mum or friend or relative just everyday and hmmmm that’s such a breather.

6) Do something New : When my toddler takes a nap and when I am done with the housework and have nothing to do, I take some time to watch TV but then I realized I wanted to do something more, something more productive and so yes I started blogging and I am just loving every bit of it . This is something new for me and I look forward to doing this so much 🙂 it makes my day worthwhile.

As I said before”Small things but they make so much difference in one’s life” . Life is short let us make the most of everyday 🙂 ladies, because if the lady of the house is happy , the whole house is in great shape.

2 thoughts on “5 Things Every Stay At Home Mom should do for herself !

  1. Being a mommy is the hardest job out there. I took my daughter’s first year off from work & it was physically draining but more than that it was mentally draining. The first 6 months of my daughter’s life I shed a lot of overwhelmed tears. Hang in there mommy.

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