How long should I wait before having a baby ?

This is a question every couple need to decide before they start their life together. Some choose to wait for 4-5 years , whereas some choose to wait for 2-3 years whereas some just don’t have the choice ,they end up getting pregnant the very next month of their marriage. I knew of a couple who wanted to wait for a good three years before having their baby but it so turned out that she got pregnant the very next month of her marriage and that came as a total surprise for her.

This is indeed a tricky question and it greatly depends on the couples priority. My husband and I chose to wait for 6 months before having a baby. This was something we decided before our wedding and we were very clear on this.

I was having a discussion with some ladies at a party today and they were all talking about how their lives had changed after a baby and how long they waited before having a kid. That left me thinking as to how long should one exactly wait to have a baby ? what is the ideal time? I guess as I said before it all depends on the couples priority.

Some may want to establish their careers, some may want to travel to new places , some might want to get to know their spouse better, some might want to earn more money and so in all the above cases they may want to wait for a few years, some cant wait to start a family immediately , some may want children immediately because of their age or health.

There is no right or wrong answer for this question. What is most important is that  you and your spouse be willing to share to raise the baby together.  It is important that both be willing to share the responsibility. Putting off the responsibility on one person can lead to a lot of stress. This is a life changing decision and involves a lot of sacrifice, it teaches us to value our parents even more, we learn to respect free time, we learn to love more, and in a sense brings the couple closer even more. After my son was born my husband and I initially hardly got a chance to spend time together. Now we take time to be with each other and that’s exciting. All the little things he does to make my life easy makes me love and respect him more.


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