What I Do When My Son Does Not Eat On His Highchair !!!!!!!!!!


Does that statement sound familiar ? Well, all of us mum’s go through this phase at some point or the other. Sitting on the highchair and eating is considered good manners for young children, this is also a statement that I often come across, both in books and by some baby whisperers.Well somedays I am lucky( eli ( my toddler )acts like a real angel and finishes his entire meal sitting on the highchair ) some days I just feel like pulling all my hair out ( no matter what i do, he just ends up spitting out all the food ).

There are days when I am really exhausted and tired and just so drained and those are the days when my son acts up, its like he is got this sixth sense and decides to do things to get me more frustrated on my drained out days( Who said kids cant be cruel , hmmm 🙂 ) Initially I would get all angry and flustered and yell and scream at eli and afterwards would be filled up with guilt when I would see my son crying.

And so I started to mold myself according to my son’s moods instead of forcing him to do what I wanted. These are somethings that I have been doing

1) Everytime I would be eating a meal I would notice my son coming running to me and notice what I am eating . He would be so curious and would want to eat from my plate and taste and see what I am eating. So what I did was I tried to use this curiosity I filled up my plate with his food and when he would come running over to me I would  feed him his food . This technique worked and he would eat all his food.

2) Sometimes, Eli is just not in a mood to sit in his highchair, at these times I just tie a bib around his neck and let him run . He is too playful to calm down to sit and eat. So instead of forcing him to stop, I just sit closeby with his food .He plays for some time then comes running to me eats a mouthful and runs off to play, and once he is done eating he comes running again eats another mouthful and this goes on and on till he finishes.

3) When we are in a hurry to go out and need my son to finish his meal faster I just switch on the TV and let him watch his favorite cartoon or sometimes I just switch on the ipad and put on some nursery rhymes and boy oh boy his meal gets done real quick.  Some of you may really frown at me for letting my son watch tv while eating ,it may not be considered good manners  but I guess once in a while this is okay especially when we are in a real hurry to go out.

4) Sometimes I just pick him out from his highchair, let him play, and try feeding him after half hour, this method also works . He finishes off his meal the second time without fussing.

Every child is different and what works with some may not work with the other but whats most important is that the child eats stomach full . A hungry child = Miserable mom and a A full child = Happy mom. Meal times can be frustrating sometimes both for the mom and child, so instead off stressing yourself out, find a way that works for both you and your baby. Be flexible and don’t stick to a hard and fast rule with your baby.

What do you do when your child does not sit on the highchair ? I would love to hear your suggestion.


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