Yes I am a ” Stay at Home mom” !


There was a time when working mom’s were frowned upon but times have changed “greatly” now. Introducing yourself as a housewife and a stay at home mom leads to frowned expressions with thoughts running like this.

  1. She probably is not educated enough.
  2. She is lazy.
  3. She is not ambitious
  4. She does not want to contribute to the family.
  5. She probably can’t stay at a job too long

Well , yes this what we Stay at Home mom’s have to face not just by friends but sometimes our own family too. I remember a  close relative pitying me when I introduced myself as a stay at home mom,  leaving me just so shocked and angry. So, you see it’s not just you working mom’s who tend to face criticism. We “S.A.M’s” also get to hear our share.

I guess regardless of whether we women are S.A.M’s or working mom’s, once we become “Mothers” we just become easy targets for criticism and a lot of unwanted advice.

I studied Psychology during my graduation and we had an amazing lecturer, among the many things that I learnt from her the one that stuck to me was the importance of staying close to our babies when they were young. According to her “Mothers have a profound positive effect on their babies personality. Babies brains are like sponges and absorb a whole deal of information especially during the ages 0-3. Babies who had their mothers around during this time frame ,according to research tended to be more confident, grasped things faster, and dared to learn new things. It is my dream to be a well-known Psychologist and I decided that come what may ,I would want to be with my baby during his/her first few years and raise a positive and confident child. ( these are purely my beliefs and I am not saying women who work will have less confident kids )And boy oh boy what a journey this has been.

Now that my son is 16 months old ,I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my son’s babyhood. I was there when he rolled over the first time, I heard his first laugh. I saw him taking his first steps. I get to see him dance every time his favorite tune comes up on TV.  We watch his favorite cartoons together (sometimes I wonder if I am the one who is more hooked onto his favorite cartoon than him ) . I love it when he comes running to me the first thing he wakes up in the morning. I love it that I can take my time and give him a nice hot bath, singing songs , splashing water around without worrying to run somewhere or finish a task.I love taking him out for walks in the middle of the day. I love putting him to sleep, hear him babbling and showing a new skill. It is just so amazing to see him grow as a person. I feel so thrilled when he grasps a new skill and cant wait to show him off to his dad. Now that he is a toddler I so badly miss his “baby” days and wonder how he grew up so fast.  Being at home I tend to get a lot of housework done and sometimes get to watch TV which is a great luxury.

I also do admit it is not an easy journey, I do have my ups and downs . There are times when I want to just run away from the endless housework and cooking. There are days wherein I seriously miss my work. I miss sitting at my desk and focusing my attention on a single task. With a baby around we are doing 10 different things at the same time.  Surfing Google for 5 minutes is a god sent boon. Yes of course I do miss earning an income . But, then at these times I try to pull myself up and remember why I chose to stay with my baby and then I begin to feel better. I feel blessed I have this choice to be with my baby and enjoy every phase of his growth.

Every woman has her own priority and she shouldn’t feel guilty about what she wants. Some women prefer to work , some prefer to be at home. Some don’t have the choice . It’s always best to make the most of what you have. Whether you are working or are at home , make sure you enjoy every phase with your child, because time flies and we never know what the future holds in store.


2 thoughts on “Yes I am a ” Stay at Home mom” !

  1. It’s definitely a change to go from working to a stay at home mom! I love the time spent with my little ones. I couldn’t imagine not spending this precious time with them, but some people have looked at me like I was from another planet when I tell them I don’t work! It’s the most rewarding job I have ever had 🙂

    • Oh yes I definitely understand the part you said about people looking at us strangely . I am so glad you enjoy your time with your kids. I have just one and I go mad at times, hats off to you for handling three of them.

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